I’m Alun Kimber, known as Kramba by some, hence the name of the company. I offer business consulting services to organisations who are struggling to move forward, to unlock a challenge or can’t work out what their next steps should be.

After my university education in Chemical Engineering and then Control Systems, I started as an engineer with BP in the North Sea and Shetland. I then moved abroad with Shell, and progressed into engineering management, corporate learning, business consultancy and project development roles. Most recently I have been working on a number of renewable energy projects. I am a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

My business consultancy role in particular gave me a strong interest and valuable skills in the importance of “understanding the whole” – both within the frame of the project but also the view of those outside the development, project or change that is under consideration. Framing can be applied to almost any issue, and is worth re-applying as circumstances – internal or external – change. I have worked for Shell for most of my career and the use of Opportunity Framing is embedded in how Shell approaches developments – and it is used in many other organisations as well. Within Shell I was rated at Mastery Facilitator Competence level in Opportunity Framing, and led many workshops, including with external parties.

Whilst understanding the frame is vital, what counts is getting stuff done. I have a reputation for making things happen, with strong facilitation skills that are sometimes required in “herding cats” when one doesn’t have line management control over people but still have to deliver. Again, understanding the frame and what the decision makers expect is vital to moving things forward.